Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Drawings: OCA Part 3: Perspective

South Corner of Berkeley Square - Angular Perspective
Pen on Paper

Learning Log
What Problems did you find in executing perspective drawings?
Perspective drawings tend to be very precise and so any details of the drawing which are slightly off the mark stand out like a sore thumb. Getting all the features to match up is very difficult, especially when drawing on the spot.
Make notes on the merits of using or not using rulers to guide you.
Using a ruler helps to get over the problem mentioned before but relying on it results in a drawing that looks very rigid and characterless in my opinion. I prefer to map out a perspective drawing using the ruler before going over these marks freehand, allowing a touch of spontaneity, and details that may not come through otherwise.  Also there are inevitably buildings or objects at a slightly different angle to the rest that will not conform to exactly the same vanishing point, these turn out better when judging them against ones done by ruler.

Parallel Perspective - An Interior View
Pencil on Paper

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