Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Drawings: OCA - Assignment One

Natural Still Life
Brown and Black Indian Ink on A2 Paper
Made Objects Still Life
Ink and Wash on A2 Paper
I decided to try the made objects for my first drawing, I took the idea of things found in my pockets and thought about drawing keys as they have a range of interesting, very clean cut unnatural shapes. I tried sketching out a few studies and found that employing the hatching method worked very well and helped emphasise the shapes of the keys. I added a few more objects that worked well with the keys such as the locks and whistle, playing around and trying an ink and wash drawing. I liked the variety but found the result very scattered so I added the watch to bring a focal point to the drawing.
I saved the Natural forms drawing till last and started by doing some studies of different leaves. I found I liked the Ivy leaves best so I went back and drew a few in brown and black Indian inks with a dip pen; I really liked the result the earthy colours worked well. I gathered some more natural objects and sketched these all individually. I liked the Cyprus seeds as these worked well with the dip pen and inks and I thought the small details the wisteria flower heads would complement the broad ivy leaves. I played around with the composition to try and fully cover the paper, literally branching into all the corners.
Sketchbook Pages- Playing around with the composition.
Did you do enough preliminary work before starting work on your final pieces?
I think I could have done with doing a bit more playing around with the composition for my first piece of the made objects, I did quite a bit for the second piece of the natural objects, and I feel this arrangement maybe turned out better because of it. It really helped to make sure I was using the right materials though.
Do your large drawings give an accurate interpretation of the still life groups? If not, what went wrong?
I believe they are fairly accurate, the dip pens and earthy brown colour really helped to achieve the right feel in the natural forms. Some of the keys I’m not entirely happy with as the shapes are a little off in places.
Did you make a good selection of objects or did you try to include too much? Would you change the arrangements of objects if you were to start again?
Looking back I think I may have fallen into the trap of using too many objects, I have to contradict myself though because I also quite like them for it. If changed them at all I would try and make objects fill all the corners of the page better.
Do your drawings fit well on the paper or could they be improved by working on a larger sheet of paper?
I think the scale of these two pieces is quite good, it worked well with the media but if I was using something bolder like pastels I might have struggled a bit more.
Did you have problems with drawing or find hatching too difficult?
I really went for it with the hatching on the first drawing of the made objects, it was a lot of work on all the different keys and locks but I think I pulled it off. I held back and tried to do it with a bit more subtlety on the second piece, and again I think it worked.
 Study of a chub key and playing with ink and wash for Made objects
 Studies of an Ivy Leaf and Wisteria Flower heads.
Indian Ink Studies of Ivy Leaves and Cyprus Seeds

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