Friday, 21 October 2011

Plaster Re-Leaf

Plaster Relief of Leaves 8.5" x 4"

So this is something that I had never tried before until a few weeks ago; Using moulds to create plaster reliefs. I started by carving a few basic leafy shapes into a slab of old clay to form a mould, into which I poured some wet plaster and left it to dry out. This was the result of my first try. Considering it is a method that I've never employed before I'm pleasantly suprised and quite satisfied with it.
I did have a go at using plaster last year on my art foundation course however I never seemed to get any decent results, I would just inevitably just end up staring at a sloppy white mess.
So yes, considering everything I am quite happy with this, I think Plaster reliefs are a good cross between a drawing and a sculptural pieces. Oh, and I hope my corny joke in the title of this post is appreciated.

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  1. very effective - what a relief!!