Wednesday, 19 October 2011

First Post (Again) - Canterbury Cathedral

Charcoal on Paper

So I have restarted this Art blog and with only this piece of work being posted on my old blog I thought it wasn't a bad idea to repost it to start this one off.

I posted this desciption of it before;
"For my first post I decided to share this piece created today from Cantebury Cathedral. It is a pillar from a chapel in the crypt underneath the Cathedral, the oldest part of the building, or so I've been told by all the tour guides. The place itself is abundant in interesting little artifacts dotted all over the place, from the medieval grafitti covering all the walls to the headless statues, haf destroyed during Henry VIII church reformation. At the centre of all this is this little chapel that is astoudingly quiet and peaceful, that is until the regular flood of tourists swirl in and out again. I think that will just about do for this post, remember it's my first one so be nice."
So there ends my first post, hopefully the first of many on this blog.

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  1. Lovely piece - I especially like the detail at the top of the pillar. Well done.