Sunday, 23 October 2011

A 'Back Catalogue' Piece

Acrylic on Board

A piece from my 'back catalogue' as it were, produced earlier this year on a project about Ruin and Decay I was working on.
This painting was a practice piece for a much larger painting that i worked on soon after completing this. I used a old cloth rag to rub the acrylic paint straight onto the surface of the board, creating this blurred, coarse effect that I quite like the appearance of. I didn't mix the paint before adding it to the piece, applying it raw, straight from the tube allowing the blending to happen both on the surface and in the eye of the viewer.
The subject is a completely ruined stone wall where there is only just about enough left of it to get an impression of an archway. I thought that the rough, rugged way of applying the paint echoed the state of the remnants of the ruined structure itself.

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