Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sketchbook: Inky Trees

Indian Ink on A5 Cartridge Paper

This was a really quick sketchbook piece I created using some black Indian ink. I found a couple of skeletal looking trees completely bare of any leaves and sat down to draw.
I avoided using any brushes or pens in this piece, instead I simply used a folded strip of cartridge paper dipped in the ink and dragged this across the surface of the paper to form marks. I managed to attain some different levels of tone just by simply using different amounts of ink on the paper. I think this has worked especially well on the tree trunks where I made sure the paper was very dry before dragging it with a slight curve to give the impression of the curved shape and the roughness of the bark.
The branches seemed to weave in and out of each other, almost not knowing where to go without their leaves to cover them. To try and convey this in the piece I used a straw to blow some of the ink, so I wasn’t in complete control of where the ink would go, this helped to get the branches feeling busier and more natural looking.
P.S. Yay for it being my Tenth Post!

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