Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Drawings: Blitzed Building

Pencil on Cartridge Paper
I created this drawing of a building, completely ruined after a World War Two air raid, from an old photograph recording the event. I thought it was interesting how although totally gutted and ruined inside, the defining feature of it is not the burnt out remains but the tower and the entranceway that still stand proud and defiant. In the photograph I drew this from, there is no background, due to the smoke and dust from the collapsed building, leaving the building looking like it had been drawn onto a bare canvas, feeling lonely and forgotten.
I employed the use of several grades of pencil, specifically a 2H, HB, 2B and in just a few places a 6B. I concentrated most of the detailed drawing techniques on the tower and doorway, leaving the ruined part of the building a little bit more vague. I left the background almost totally blank, much like the photograph where all you could see was the dust, I think it captured the forsaken feel of the place quite well.

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