Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Drawings: Elm Tree Sketch

Charcoal on A2 Cartridge Paper

I produced this piece at the same time as another charcoal drawing which I featured in an earlier post. I actually prefer this one as it just feels more gratifying, It may not be as polished in some places, maybe a bit rough around the edge but its feels less cultivated and more genuine and authentic somehow.
It is in the same location in Canterbury as the earlier piece was, but it is a different tree, this time an Elm, in this one I made the branches fill the page creeping into all the corners and spreading beyond the paper. I used a variety of different marks in the background, aiming to avoid creating anything too rigid or structured, instead opting for some more obscure and softer marks that give just the impression of the habitat in which this tree stands. I diffused some of the background imagery to make the focus move even more to the central subject of the Elm tree, standing defiantly, almost obtrusively straight down the middle of the page, cleaving the entire sketch in two halves.

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