Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Drawings: OCA Part 4: Proportions I - Quick Poses

Marker Pen on Scrap Paper
Now onto the fourth part of my drawing course and it is time for some figure drawing, a subject that always seems to be very hit and miss with me. I know I can produce some very good figure drawings but at the same time I’m prone to some awful ones too, shall just have to see how it goes.
Producing these quick drawings in a few minutes was quite refreshing after spending hours on the same drawing of a tree and such like. Although it was challenging to capture the character of the subjects in such a short time, sometimes it started to come through surprisingly quickly with just a few well chosen lines.

Biro Pen on A4 Cartridge Paper

Marker Pen and Biro (L) - Soft Pastel (R)

Biro Pen (L) - Pencil (R)

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