Thursday, 9 May 2013

Drawings OCA Part 2 V: Project - Drawing Animals - Grabbing the Chance

Deer Resting in Richmond Park
Charcoal - A3

 Deer in the Grass, Richmond Park
Charcoal - A4
Definitely an easier said than done task, animals don’t tend to want to stay still, especially with me sitting next to them scratching away with a pencil.
Like the last exercise, this is another subject that I am not overly experienced in working with, but after doing a bit of research into artists like Mark Adlington and how they have responded to the subject I at least felt a bit more enthusiastic about tackling it.
My favourite part of this exercise was visiting Richmond Park where the fallow deer were surprisingly accommodating to having me sit and sketch quite close to them. I also quickly learnt that they were more likely to stay still for a longer period if I drew them from behind or while they were dozing in the sun.
There also some more sketches below that I completed for this exercise of a donkey and a puppy.
I really like the loose feeling in the ink and charcoal drawings of the Richmond Park deer, I think this was unintentionally achieved by me adapting to drawing outside with limited tools and the need to capture something quickly before my models ran away.

 Deer Resting, Richmond Park
Blue Ink - A4

Deer Standing, Richmond Park
Blue Ink - A4

Deer in Richmond Park Sketches
Pencil - A4

Sleeping Puppy Sketch
Biro Pen - A4
Donkeys Grazing
Pencil - A4

Donkey Resting
Charcoal - A4

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