Monday, 30 July 2012

Drawings: OCA Project - Reflected Light

Study of light reflected from one object to another.
Charcoal and Chalk on A3 Sugar Paper.

Shadows and reflected light and shade.
Charcoal on A2 Paper.

What are the difficulties in separating cast shadow from reflected light and shade?
When using both charcoal and chalk in the first drawing, it was difficult using both these tonally opposite mediums and still trying to create a range of tones without the whole drawing just turning into a smudgy grey mess. I attempted to get over this problem by using the blue of the paper as a mid-tone thus separating the two. The cast shadow had much more solidity and a much harder quality to it so I used just charcoal when trying to portray these bits, most noticeably in the shading on the surface upon which the objects are standing.
The reflected shadow and light follows the contours of the objects. How have you shown this in your drawing?
When applying the charcoal or chalk I followed the shape of the object, allowing the contours to show and define themselves. Like ont he bowel in the first picture and especially on the pepper grinder in the second picture.

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