Sunday, 11 December 2011

Still Life: Fruit in Ink

Indian Ink in Sketchbook

This is a piece I created quite a while ago of some fruit I arranged on a chopping board, I was reminded of it because of the artwork I put up a few days ago where I was looking at the artist Paul C├ęzanne. I actually did this piece in a sketchbook, quite evident from the page fold in the middle, but I wanted to put it up as a still life piece.
I did this piece of work using Indian ink where I started by adding some of the details using a fine nib, concentrating solely on the shapes, following the body of the fruit almost like creating contours. I then mixed some water with a couple of drops of ink that I put on as a wash to try and create a mid tone. It is a very simple piece but I think it makes quite a nice piece of art.

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