Friday, 23 December 2011

Drawings: Jugs and Jars

Biro on A4 Cartridge Paper

This is a still life piece that I have just done for a drawing project on my art course. I was focusing on the ellipses of the lids and cylindrical shapes of the various vessels.
I used some biros pens to create this piece, varying the tones by use of cross hatching. I used the hatching strokes almost like contours, following the shapes of the cylinders; I find this helps to give the objects some body.
After finishing this piece I then altered my view of the objects slightly and created a second piece from my new position to see how the shapes and ellipses changed. I think I prefer the first piece but I found the process of doing the second one quite interesting.
By the way, I realise that there aren’t any jugs in this piece but that is the name of the exercise.

Biro on A4 Cartridge Paper

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